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Attic Insulation Services Silver Spring, Maryland

Attic Insulation

Still wondering where all the warmth vanishes as soon as you turn off the heater? Warm air is light in weight and tends to rise upwards, breaking out through the attic of your home. An efficient attic insulation will prevent this from happening and will also keep the frosty cold air from descending into your space in winters.


Several kinds of attic insulations are available, and most homeowners would choose one or more kinds of them. Most of the time, hard insulation is used for exterior walls, which is then paired with soft insulation for comprehensive protection from cold air. Hard insulations usually consist of foam, whereas, soft insulation is made of material like cellulose, fiberglass etc.


While finishing the attic space of your home, make sure to have your attic insulated with a thicker material. This should ensure no cold air moves in, keeping the space warm enough to live during winters. Particularly, in aged homes, the gap between the attic is likely to increase which leads to bats and other insects getting in. An insulation that effectively clogs these gaps prevents this from happening.


To get your attic insulated, we are simply your best choice. At the Insupro Attic Insulation of Silver Spring, we have worked with all kinds of roof styles. We can install the best kind of insulation to your attic for the best prices around the town.

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